Are you tired of investing in sales training that sounds great but doesn’t work?
Have you not invested in sales training – for the same reason?

If so, it all changes here, so please read on…..

Most sales training doesn’t work for one of two fundamental reasons…

Either the trainer has never sold or they have never sold successfully. Therefore they are either teaching using ideas that never worked for them or promoting sales strategies that they have read about and never implemented themselves! Either way, it fails to increase sales.

And ‘YES’ there is a solution…


Bring this one-day Sales Master Class for financial services salespeople in-house for your team and the performance of your salespeople will improve massively!

We are delighted to offer a career changing program utilising the combined teachings and talents of two of the highest producing financial services salespeople in the United Kingdom, and some say in the world.

Mark Baker
Mark known as Mr. 1% within the sales industry as he is officially verified as ranking in the top 1% of salespeople worldwide! He is one of the world’s most sought after speakers and trainers on the psychology of successful selling.

Bruce King
Bruce is recognised internationally as a leading sales coach, keynote sales conference speaker and sales master class presenter. Prior to setting up his sales training consultancy, Bruce worked for over fifteen years in financial services, initially as a top salesperson and sales manager with some of the UK’s most successful insurance companies before establishing his own successful independent financial services brokerage.

Bruce is also a best selling author of sales books, published by BBC Books, Financial Times Prentice Hall and others. There is more detailed information about Bruce on this Website including testimonials and videos.


In this one day in-house Sales Master Class, your salespeople will be exposed to cutting edge sales techniques and the largely untold psychology of sales that everyone must know if they are to succeed.

The program has been developed based on a combined experience of over 35 years of successfully selling financial services and will ensure that you will actually invest in a sales course that works for you and your salespeople.

Mark Baker will coach your team on:

  • How the world’s top financial services salespeople think and how they can change their thinking to enjoy the same level of success.
  • How to develop trust
  • How to uncover and satisfy the deep subconscious needs of their clients, to make them feel important, feel valued, respected and worthwhile.
  • Discover the real reasons why people buy.
  • How one word can double and even triple the size of the average sale.
  • The psychology of ethical persuasion.
  • Why sales are never made in the close
  • Discover how limiting beliefs are holding them back
  • Understand how perception drives their performance
  • Understand why focus determines their results and how to direct it towards sales success.
  • How to activate their reticular activating system to achieve massive success in sales and in life

And much, much more.

Bruce King will give your sales team 35+ simple, yet extraordinarily effective sales strategies they can implement easily to increase their financial services sales massively – and fast! Bruce’s session includes:

  • What salespeople really get paid for – understanding this results in instant increased sales activity
  • Four simple and extremely effective time management techniques to double their selling time
  • Understanding why people buy and how to use this knowledge to increase sales. How to establish immediate rapport with everyone they meet. The myth of the ‘hard sell’, the downside of the ‘soft sell’ and the solution
  • Prospecting for new business including the art of generating an endless stream of referrals,
  • Why cold calling is still an essential sales skill and how to cold call to guarantee a positive response.
  • How to guarantee voice mail messages are returned
  • Why a selling system is critical to sales success and how to create one that puts the salesperson in control.
  • Pre-empting and handling objections and stalls, and the simplest and most effective ways to close a sale.
  • The 4 strategies used by the world’s most successful salespeople.

In addition, we provide…

2bCourse Manuals

Each delegate will be provided with our two course manuals, the Sales Accelerator Course Manual and the Psychology of Selling Course Manual. These facilitate ease of note taking and serve as ongoing reference manuals.


Ongoing support…

Bruce and Mark are so committed to your sales success that they also offer ongoing email support for a full six months for every delegate in order to support you and your sales team through every facet of this unique course.

email supportFor a confidential discussion with either Bruce, Mark, or both on how they can help you and your team achieve extraordinary sales success, please submit an enquiry using the form below:


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