Secrets of the worlds top salespeople

“What the worlds top salespeople don’t want you to know!

No company, business large or small can succeed without skillful salespeople because regardless of how brilliant your product or service is, you are literally dead in the water without salespeople who can go out and get people buy your offering.

Ironically the position of salespeople is largely filled by the unskilled who have literally fallen into the role, its no wonder then that the turnover rate for salespeople is so astronomical and as a result companies spend a large proportion of their time trying to recruit salespeople, however due to the large turnover rates, employers tend to use the “Throw mud at the wall” technique when recruiting, this happens because so many employers are afraid to invest in their sales people because they fear that they will leave anyway and as a consequence any investment in them is wasted, adding to this the paranoia that they will move to a competitor and the training that THEY invested in will be used against them!

Is it really any wonder then that the turnover rate is so high, when salespeople are sent out into the field only half equipped at best.

Yet this is what most companies do, time and time again I hear the same thing “But what if we invest in the training for them and they leave!”

To me this is a quite unbelievable statement, my greatest concern would be “What if I don’t train them and they stay!”

Mark knows how to train your people to become master salespeople after all he is one and who else other than someone who has achieved success in sales should you trust with your people and ultimately the success of your company.

Mark traveled the world attending seminars looking for the secrets of sales success, returning home time and time again excited at the new techniques that he had learned that he expected would make him the sales success that he dreamed about, but time and time again he would realise that what he had learned had little or no impact, and after several years he made a startling discovery as to why what he had spent literally tens of thousands of his own money sounded great but didn’t work!

His teachers and trainers had either never sold or had only sold in their dim and distant memory, so the information they shared was either outdated or had been read in a book and never tested in the field and as such had no value.

Mark changed the way he sought success in sales by being mentored by two of the worlds top salespeople and interviewed more than 200 more from a multitude of different fields, the end result was that Marks career was transformed and he became one of the top 1% of the worlds salespeople in only seventeen months, and now his findings have been put into seminars and talks that are guaranteed to bring both the retention and success of your sales force whether you have one or a thousand and one salespeople.

A small overview of what is covered.

The most important factor which is critical to sales success (If you don’t possess this one thing you will never achieve more than a below average income in sales.

Why your mindset is responsible for 90% of your success and how to create one to bring consistent achievement.

Discover techniques that will allow you to generate more quality referrals than you can ever use, you will never have to cold call again.

Imagine if there was one word that was guaranteed to double and even triple the size of each sale you made! It will be revealed here.  (Mark discovered this by pure accident)

Discover why the sale is never made in the close!

  • Learn the real reasons people buy and how you can apply this knowledge in every sales situation.
  • Discover how to communicate effectively and how to make a communication breakthrough and develop instant rapport every time!
  • How to create a telephone script that works
  • The art of questions in selling.
  • How to change the client’s perception of your role to inspire confidence.
  • Powerful and ethical persuasion strategies.
  • Understanding the long term value of a client (LTV)
  • How Mark went from making £376 commission on an initial sales to earning over £378000 in total from just one client! Over 16 years.
  • And much more.


I wanted to congratulate you on qualifying for the top of the table- an exceptional achievement which places you within the top 1% of those in our profession” Tony Gordon. MDRT President .

tony gordon testimonial pic

 “Top of the Table members must earn $546,000  to qualify, ranking them as the top 1% of salespeople worldwide.The median annual commissions of insurance sales agents is $46,770 annually!, Mark qualified 5 times in a row from his spare bedroom and without any staff”

All of our presentations are designed to be delivered in any of the following formats.

Keynote presentation 45  minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes in duration.

In house training. Half day to two days depending on the areas to be addressed.

Breakout session: 45 minutes to 2 hour 30 minutes in duration.

Or as part of an ongoing coaching program for groups and/or individuals.

All presentations are customised to suit the company and/or industry served.

Rates available on request. Call or fill in the “Book Mark Now” form, without obligation to see how we can best serve you

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