Presentation Masterclass

Presentation Masterclass   Tuesday May  21st  9- 4.30 PM Grand Hotel. St Helier Jersey. 

What everyone who needs to be heard must know!

“The ability to communicate effectively and present powerfully is the most valuable and most rewarding skill you will ever master. Your success in life and in your career is completely dependent on mastering this skill and when you do you it will transform your life and the lives of others”

Whether you need to close that sale, lead your team or manage more effectively You simply cannot afford to miss this powerful masterclass. This is an investment in your future and guaranteed to be one of the most valuable days that you will ever have invested in yourself or your staff.

Sometimes I hear “But what if I provide this training for them and they leave” It could be worse…. What if you don’t and they stay!

Everyone can talk but few can get people to listen. Yet every day in life we’re faced with situations where we must speak, to sell, persuade and influence others. It’s a major part of our lives.  But the problem many of us face is getting people to listen. Getting people to be engaged and to be inspired by what we are saying and ultimately act on our words.

People have very limited attention spans so we must master these skills if we are going to make our message heard

and even more importantly get them to take action. Your career depends on it now more than ever!

That’s why it pays to learn from an expert.

Most presentation skills courses are offered and conducted by people who don’t present for a living. At best most have just studied it and therein lies the problem as you end up learning things that sound great but don’t work as there is a world of difference between theory and experience.

That is why Mark Anthony is different. He speaks around the world. It’s both his profession and passion and he’s been doing it successfully for over twenty-five years.

I have been to more workshops on presenting than I care to remember. However, Mark took it to a whole new level for me and my number of successful outcomes dramatically increased as soon as I put what I learned into practice

Moyra Buchannan. Scottish Widows.


You will discover.

The art of storytelling in presentations.

How to communicate with clarity and certainty.

The seven most common mistakes of presenting and how to avoid them.

12 ways to make your presentation memorable and engaging.

Why it’s not just what you say but how you say it.

10 Presentation pitfalls and how to avoid them.

How to use your voice and gestures to maximum effect.

How to talk so people listen.

What it takes to create a memorable presentation that gets results.

The successful presentation blueprint.

What you must never do when using PowerPoint!

Making it about them.


This unique and invaluable masterclass takes place on May 21st at the Grand Hotel Jersey

Places are strictly limited so act now and take advantage of the special early bird discount of only £297 for a very limited time (£347 after offer period expires.)

Comprehensive refreshments are included during the day including lunch.

Workbook and my presentation blueprint are also included.

My presentation masterclass is also available in the following formats.

In house day long workshop (Available worldwide. Fees available on request)

Individual or group coaching.


Rates available on request. Call or fill in the “Book Mark Now” form, without obligation to see how we can best serve you

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