Book launch and one of the most life changing talks you will ever hear! “The 5 second secret to ending procrastination forever!”

An Unbreakable Spirit by Mark Anthony Baker.

£10 gets you. 1. Free signed copy of the book. 2.  The 5 second secret talk. (The secret to ending procrastination for ever plus………………..

Free bonuses. Free entry to raffle for firewalk (Value £77)

Free email consultation to discuss your greatest challenge and how to overcome it (Value £150)

WOW! What a read. This book was amazing. I went through so many emotions while reading it. Felt like i was there with the writer. Very heartbreaking to think what some people went through growing up but then heartening as well. Very much worth reading, it will change the way you think too. Well done to Mark Baker. Sheila Corvan

Everyone in the world should read this book! Anita Othman

Normally £97! just £ 20 including a free copy of An Unbreakable Spirit, buffet and my most life changing talk yet!

The 5 second secret to ending procrastination forever and the official book launch party for “An Unbreakable Spirit.

Breaking through mental barriers!

A truly life changing talk with a free copy of “An Unbreakable Spirit”.

Did you ever have a great idea and fail to act on it?

You know the kind I mean, you had a great idea, one that would truly transform your life forever leaving you so excited that you couldn’t sleep!

Then found yourself waking up to a million reasons as to why the idea that was going to change your life just a few short hours before, suddenly seem so ridiculous now.

So, you did what everyone does, you dismissed the idea and went about your daily life, only to see someone else living the life of their dreams with your idea! The idea that you had but never acted upon.

That all changes right now, you see when I was just 12 years old I discovered the reason why we fail to act on a great idea and how to make sure this never ever happens to you again. After years of research I discovered what happens in our minds to sabotage us and prevent us from acting on potentially life changing ideas!

Please join me on Thursday June 28th at 7 PM   at The Club hotel and spa. Grenville street. St Helier and I will share this valuable and life changing information with you.

You will also receive a free first edition, signed copy of my new book “An Unbreakable spirit” which will show you how I used “The 5 Second Secret” to transform my own life and the lives of the thousands of people around the world that I have had the privilege to share it with.

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Welcome to the life without limits coaching program. The coaching program consists of six monthly coaching sessions which are conducted either in person/Skype/Zoom or telephone.

Because you are one of the first five people to respond to this incredible offer you will get the five sessions for only £750 a discount of £750 on the normal £1500 fee. You will also obtain the free unlimited email access for the entire five months which is normally £1500. The entire package normally requires an investment of £3000. So as you are one of the first five people to respond to this amazing offer you are getting 75% discount on this incredible program.

Please email me at  if you have any questions.

Act now to avoid disappointment!

Terms and conditions.

Coaching is a process which requires direct involvement from the client in order to achieve results and obtain maximum benefits from the program. It also requires all sessions to be completed to derive the maximum benefit from this relationship. Therefore refunds cannot be given although every effort is made to continue to support the client therefore a credit is possible which may be applied to other events offered by Mark Baker to the value of any unused sessions at the discretion of MBI

Life without limits coaching
Number of payments 3
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout £250.00 GBP
Every 1 month (x 2) £250.00 GBP
Total £750.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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The famous life without limits firewalking seminar in Jersey.

Its Back! Mark Baker’s famous life without limits firewalking seminar! With free bonuses worth £245

We are delighted to announce that the life changing Life without limits firewalk is back and will take place at The Watersplash St Ouens bay from 7 pm

This is a three- hour seminar which includes a life changing talk on the power of belief and how we can use belief to create all that we want in life. Beliefs are the driving force in our lives but as they operate at a subconscious level we are unaware of the restricted effect that they can and do have on our success in all areas of our lives……. Until now.

The event culminates in a firewalk and an arrow break. Both are powerful and transformational metaphors for breaking through mental barriers and compliment the powerful talk that takes place beforehand perfectly.

Bonus. one months unlimited email coaching worth £245 to help you assimilate the life changing information that is presented at the Life without limits firewalk seminar.

Firewalk. Arrow break.  3-hour seminar on overcoming limiting beliefs. 30-day unlimited email access for just £77. Save a massive £278!

If you have any queries, questions or concerns please email me at

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Make no mistake. Lives are changed at the Life without limits firewalk seminar. So why not give yourself or someone you care about the tools to make 2018 their best year ever.

But please don’t take my word for it.

I can’t even begin to tell you the powerful influence that you have been in my life. Thank you.
Emma Sharples

Mark’s passion for authentic transformation in mindset regarding altering beliefs is infectious. it was clear he had a very positive impact on everyone’s life that night including my own
Tom Faulkner

Went fire walking tonight and saw it as the catwalk to the beginning of the end of my lack of belief in myself. I feel amazing and it was an amazing talk. Thanks mark!
Stefanie Marsh. Artist

If public speaking is an art, then Mark Baker has it. David Barnett

Thank you, Mark Baker you have truly inspired me, in ways I would never have imagined.
Maureen Mc Cabe

Marks talks are both inspirational and life changing
Maurice Nobrega

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk last night. I have attended a couple of Tony Robbins events as well as having seen Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. All I can say is that the content of your talks is in line with the world’s best!
Tony Pallot


If you have any questions about this event, please email me at


Mark’s talk about beliefs was amazing. Mark Willmett.

I don’t know how you did what you did. But when I left there that night I felt as though I had been given a new pair of glasses as I now see the world and what’s possible for me through new eyes. I was afraid that the feeling would go away as it has done on every other single talk that I had ever been through, but this wasn’t the case. A year on and I am still moving purposefully in the direction of my dreams and goals and this is all down to you. I’ve hit a couple of bumps along the way and was surprised how you made yourself available to me when I messaged you to ask questions. Sometimes I get a fright at the thought of how different my life would have been if I hadn’t met you and attended your fire walk. I just can’t thank you enough.

Amy Mackenzie

Enjoyed every minute, totally relished that moment, created a sensational memory. I’ll be sure never to forget this. Thanks Mark Baker for such a unique, exhilarating experience. Highly recommended.

Well done Emma Hickey and all the firewalkers tonight, AMAZING!!! 🙂 HOT HOT HOT!!!  Mark Wilmett

Successfully completed the fire walk and thankfully no blisters, thank you Mark Baker for a truly inspirational event and such an exhilarating experience.

Maureen McCabe

Fantastic evening with some amazing people…. I did the walk 3 times…. everyone had a reason for doing this…and some profound reasons to let go of the past bring on the future…. let go of those you don’t need and let in those that will be good for you. The future is bright…. changes are coming for everyone that did this today…

Rai García Singh

If you have any questions about this event, please email me at

I thought it was just going to be a thrill-seeking experience. But the changes were both instant and dramatic. I felt completely different about what I believed I could do and experienced a profound perception change within me. I had been trying to get jobs that paid around £25000 but wasn’t even getting responses. After the fire walk I found myself applying for a job that paid more than double the jobs I had failed to get interviews for. I got it!!! I would never have even attempted something like this before the fire walk. Thank you Mark Baker”

Mandy Burt

Enjoyed every minute, totally relished that moment, created a sensational memory. I’ll be sure never to forget this. Thanks Mark Baker for such a unique, exhilarating experience. Highly recommended.

Well done Emma Hickey and all the firewalkers tonight, AMAZING!!! 🙂 HOT HOT HOT!!!  Mark Wilmett


I thoroughly enjoyed Mark’s talk, arrow breaking and the fire walk at his event. After an incredible journey of self-discovery, massive action and a huge change in beliefs he has managed to achieve some amazing feats! His passion for authentic transformation in mindset regarding altering beliefs we pick up that aren’t helpful is infectious. it was clear the event had a very positive impact on all people’s lives that night including me. An engaging, inspiring and fun event.,

Tom Walters. Chiropractor

My first fire walk was so amazing and exhilarating I made two passes over the coals on the night. For me this was the perfect event for moving forwards in life and a great metaphor for tackling life’s challenges. Thank you, Mark Baker you have truly inspired me, in ways I would never have imagined. I am who I was and so much more. I would highly recommend this event.  Maureen McCabe

I drove back last night shouting to myself I did it then had Meatloaf’s new CD full on in car. When I got back changed the lounge around. Today working out retirement and sending book I’ve written to good friend to edit and looking at things I can do either as volunteer or just to supplement income until my books get published. Best part is something I didn’t mention when I broke that arrow it removed the feelings I had had from my father’s relationship with me. more amazing was the fact my 5-year granddaughter told her mummy she was so proud of Meme

That means a lot to me thanks your very inspiring and have experienced hard times and can relate and understand , that’s why I could talk to you as I knew you had been through it also , you have helped me in such a great way , I was so so severely depressed and anxiety ridden , I couldn’t cope , even to get the energy to come to the event was a big thing but I am so glad I did , I probably will be messaging you if needed , and I will do what I can on my side to spread the word , it was a pleasure , I now know anything is possible, and that is down to you , speak soon . Name withheld ☯️


Hello Mark

I just want to say thank you so much for everything yesterday and for making me say yes, I will do it…

really enjoyed the talk special the part off when you crossed your arms and you said, “well that never happens to me ” (so saw my sceptical side being played in front of me)

I’m not sure if it was the cold or my emotions, but I was shaking so much by being flooded with so much information and off course your great passion of what you have learned over the years.

I knew I could do the fire walking but the arrow I wasn’t prepared for and I can say it was like breaking free … I had time out shortly after and I felt so light , and just now I took a look at myself and my ways over the last few years and never realised how bitter I have been and this is been going on for so long… now I know that I need to dedicate myself on learning ways of not being bitter to myself I know this was something I learned and thank to you I know that I can unlearn it.

Thank you so much and please if you have any seminars our anything that you are doing please don’t forget to tag me…

It’s an absolute pleasure to follow you Mark.

Even though we don’t know each other personally I feel a sense of friendship towards you.

You have a great talent in showing/sharing your feelings & uplifting people & it hits a “chord” with most/ if not all of us that follow you.

I will share this post with your permission if that’s okay.

Have a great rest of the Weekend Mark.



For anybody who wants to experience the feeling of freedom and support and love then do go and see Mark Baker. We all find our own way in life and some people help and others hinder. Once you take control you know you are really living. Mark can help you if you need a nudge in the right direction. That first step is the best step to a brighter and happier future, I know, because it’s true.

A little word of encouragement to all of you taking part in this extraordinary event. I completed this Fire walk on two separate occasions and I can assure you it truly is a life changing event. My purpose for both firewalks couldn’t have been be more extreme but both events proved to be so beneficial and therapeutic. Just turn up and the hard work is done, then allow Mark to work his magic on you, he truly is an inspirational coach and I have no doubt you won’t be disappointed.

Maureen McCabe






A seminar that WILL change the course of your life and business forever


Are you a prisoner of limiting beliefs?

The simple answer is yes you are, to some degree at best and at worst they can control everything you attempt to do or fail to attempt to do in your life.

The major challenge is recognising that we have them in the first place, which isn’t the easiest thing to do as we rationalise all of our behaviour to justify our action or inaction!

I was a prisoner of my limiting beliefs for longer than I care to admit, by chance I came across a passage in a book that resonated with me so strongly that learning how to change these beliefs for myself and others became my life’s work.

This Talk which is available as a Talk/Seminar and/or coaching will set your life on a new course where you will begin to see what’s possible for you rather than reasons why you can’t and dont!!, it will be like receiving a new pair of eyes that allow you to see clearly and wipe away the sludge that has blurred your vision of what’s possible for you for so long, and I promise you that you will never look back!

You will discover

How limiting beliefs are formed.

How they change your focus and direction.

How they control how you think and alter your perception.

How to detect and destroy YOUR limiting beliefs.

How to create new empowering beliefs

And much, much more.

WARNING. This talk shouldn’t be attended by anyone who would rather make excuses than live a full and unlimited life!


“An outstanding opportunity to attend four courses that are guaranteed to help you, your business and staff maximise opportunities  with the tools you MUST HAVE to give your business and staff the best chance of success, and with grants available for 75% of the cost of the training for companies with fewer than 30 staff, there has never been a better time to sharpen the saw!”

Mark Baker is one of the top business trainers in the UK today, and he trains and coaches many of the top FTSE companies.

Private in house courses available. Please inquire for rates and availability


When times are tough, trying to think positive simply isn’t enough, and yet if you don’t know how to create a winning mindset, your fate is sealed!

This course has saved more careers and business’s than can be counted so prepare to be blown away!

Topics covered include:
• Are you being held back by the lies you tell yourself.
• How attitude shapes your life experience.
•Taking control of your self talk.
• How beliefs affect you and your business’s potential.
• How to get off the spiral of negativity.
•Perception versus reality.
• The 5 great wonders of your mind.
• Develop a powerful self image.
• How to really set goals and it’s not S.M.A.R.T!
And much more…



Mark is officially recognised as one of the top 1% of salespeople worldwide, in this eye opening seminar you will find out exactly what the worlds top salespeople do and learn how to become one yourself!

You will learn……..

• Why people buy.
• How to inundate yourself with leads.
• Learn why the sale is NEVER made in the close.
• Learn how one word can triple the size of a sale.
• The 3 beliefs you must have to succeed in sales.
• The super salespersons mindset.
• The one thing you must have or you are doomed to fail…….
• The one major difference between the superstars and the starving salespeople
And much more…


“They say there’s no customer loyalty anymore. There is… it’s just that most businesses don’t deserve it!”

But lets cut to the chase, you don’t care if your competitors deserve loyal customers, you just want to make sure that you have loyal customers, so take advantage of this unique training and give yourself an unfair advantage!

• Turn customers into raving fans of your company.
• The biggest secret in customer care (surprisingly).
•The greatest customer you will ever have.
• Discover if nice customers are destroying your business?
• Realise the only two things people ever buy.
• Asking the golden questions.
• What to do when a customer is/when…………..
• Why the complaining customer can be your greatest source of new business.
• No matter what you do, this person shapes the customers perception of your company!
• The quality service action plan.

Private in house courses take place in line with company requirements.



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