Do you ever find yourself in a downward spiral of negativity?

Business Success | May 18th, 2016


When we find ourselves in a downward spiral. We are simply focusing on the negative and bringing more of the same. which is being fuelled by our thoughts and words; can you see where the solution might be?”

The article is, just to give you a flavour of the philosophy that I have developed for more than 20 years of research, and I believe that we can turn the downward spiral into an upward spiral rapidly just by changing the words we use and the thoughts that currently dominate our minds!

Think about it, have you ever gone into your local town feeling particularly low or depressed? Think back to how you were greeted when you were amongst those people, were they greeting you with smiles? I think not! What about the same situation in reverse, you went into town in a fantastic mood and how were you treated then, do you remember being greeted with smiles and people wanted to assist you, well its no accident, and if you are still not convinced, think about the last time you bought a new car, do you remember how all of a sudden those cars were everywhere, did you ever wonder why that was?

Here’s why, your reticular activating system in the brain scans around 2 million bits of information per second, you cant process that much information so how can your brain possibly know what’s important to you and what isn’t?

It processes what ever your dominant thoughts are as important, and that is how all manner of things such as coincidence take place, you are sitting in a cafe and overhear someone selling a vintage motorcycle that you have been looking to acquire for years! Luck?, of sorts, but the reality is, it was your dominant thoughts that picked up on the conversation as important to you, do you think for a second that the 14 year old girl or the 75 year old lady in the same proximity heard the conversation about the motorcycle, no…. why?, because it wasn’t important to them, things pass us by at a mental level because they don’t appear on our radar as significant to us.

Remember the old Cliché, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, did you ever wonder why that was? It was because that is what they focused on, the rich man is not just financially rich, he is mentally rich and his mind is seeking opportunities to protect and enhance his wealth, whereas the poor person is also poor in mind and his thoughts are dominated by his bills and his inability to pay them! And as if by magic they both get exactly what they expect!

Moving swiftly back to the economy, if your dominant thoughts are about how bad the economy is.. How there is no sign of it getting better.. What will you do when you lose it all; your brain is busy processing all of the negative information to provide you with all the evidence you need to prove to you that you are not going mad! every single piece of negative news about the economy, whether it is in the papers, on TV or a random conversation, your brain is busy sifting through the 2 million bits of data coming its way every second just to show you that, yes you are right, the world is going to hell in a handbag and here’s the proof that you asked for!

I can help; help me to help our island by getting this type of information out to our people before we destroy ourselves with our thoughts and words.

P.S If you read “You can do anything you want” (Message me with your email and I will send you a copy) you will see how I overcame my own challenges in order to arrive at the place where I now find myself. Oddly enough, several years ago, A man was accompanying his brother on a visit to the psychiatrist in order to help him, after he had taken his fifth overdose and had just been through his third divorce. his brother was four years younger than him, after about 20 minutes sitting with the psychiatrist. Both my friend and his brother had been talking for an equal amount of time, As they spoke the man looked as if he was becoming more and more puzzled, after 20 minutes or so, he said, “stop, hang on a second, I have to ask a question, your are brothers aren’t you?”

“Yes” they replied
How come you turned out so very different?”

The answer is the perfect example of everything that we have discussed here today, in unison they said.

“What would you have become if you had a father like mine?”

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