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Mark Baker is widely regarded as one of the worlds most sought after speakers, but that description barely scratches the surface of what he really delivers because he is a sales speaker, a Success & Mindset speaker and one of THE most inspirational Speakers’ you will ever hear in your entire life!

Some speakers will inspire you with talks of how others have overcome adversity, but few have a personal story that will change your life as Marks will.

Companies who want long lasting change and success for their company and staff hire Mark time and time again, because he delivers real world tools, techniques and information that transforms both lives and business, your company will be immersed in one of the most powerful experiences which is guaranteed to deliver the long lasting change and results that may have eluded you up until now.

So whether you participate in Life without limits or Success without limits or the groundbreaking Secrets of sales success you are guaranteed to hear the world’s most groundbreaking personal development and business success talks and seminars available anywhere in the world today!

Mark knows that “If he can do it, then you most definitely can” because he didn’t just start from behind, he was out of sight! After enduring a life of physical and mental abuse and having zero self confidence, zero self belief and zero self esteem he went on to become one of the youngest managers in his company and then one of the top 1% of salespeople in the world! (From his spare bedroom with no staff!)

Mark believes that his entire life path which has been to study what makes people succeed and the immense untapped human resources that we all have was all to help him beat the challenge none of us ever wants to face “CANCER” because he didn’t just beat it, he helped countless people in the chemotherapy wards change the way they think and give them the best chance of beating cancer while he was being treated for his own, with massive doses of intravenous and spinal chemotherapy and radiation.

So if you want to…

Dramatically increase sales

Create a powerful mindset and propel yourself to the next level of business or personal success.

Or immerse your people in long lasting inspiration that WILL move them to lasting action.

Click on the links below for overviews of programs.

Mark is dedicated to your success and gives everyone 110% every time he engages an audience, so why don’t you find out for yourself and BOOK MARK NOW

“They say that public speaking is an art, if so Mark Baker has it and I can thoroughly recommend him to you” – David Barnett. Managing Director. The Studio.


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“A riveting moving speaker”

Carter George

“The impact your story had on all of us was amazing, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience."

Warren Storm
Director. Storm associates. New Zealand.

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